Delhi Public School Surat

Under the aegis of DPS Society New Delhi. (CBSE Affiln. No.430056)


Our curriculum, centred on the Syllabus prescribed by the NCERT/CBSE, focuses on the individual needs of learners. We wish to nurture global citizens of the 21st century, who will be alert and responsive to vital issues in their own time and space.


To recognize and enable individual endeavour, we have continual evaluation, following a grading system highlighting effort as well as achievement at the Primary and Secondary levels. In the Senior School, we prepare students to appear for the CBSE Board Examinations in a stress free environment, conducive to maximum realisation of individual potential, through regular and spaced out weekly tests and terminal examinations.

Graded Campus

So that children can grow and develop at their own pace, with the minimum of unwanted pressure, we have divided the school into Pre Primary, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Blocks. Each Block is independent and has its separate facilities, customized to cater to the specific needs of the particular age group. Our campuses are wireless connected and are all Wi-Fi enabled with 24 x 7 broadband internet connectivity. Play areas, Multiple Intelligence Centres, Library and Resource Centre, Computer and Science Laboratories, Audio-Visual Centre, etc. are some examples of the facilities available to our learners.

National Presence

Delhi Public Schools have been committed to providing quality education in different parts of the country as well as overseas and are now rapidly extending their reach all over the country. In doing so, they are establishing a networked platform, which will deliver the cumulative experience to each DPS.


In keeping with the times, DPS Surat continues the established trend of all Delhi Public Schools by providing equal opportunity to both girls and boys. From an early age, we help children develop sensitivity to gender related issues through workshops as well as positive channeling of daily interaction patterns, which in turn leads to the grooming of mature and well balanced youth.

Physical Activities

Apart from targetting good physical health and hygiene for our children, our focus is on learning the importance of team spirit, healthy competition and the ability to deal with setbacks as well as triumphs. We also allow a wide range of creative activities engaging the Multiple Intelligences as specified by Howard Gardner, so that every child not only gets the opportunity to develop a specific aptitude, but also the arena to trial varied potential abilities, thus transferring weaknesses into strengths.