Delhi Public School Surat

Under the aegis of DPS Society New Delhi. (CBSE Affiln. No.430056)

The women’s movement has an “equality” problem. In the age of celebrity feminism and performative male feminists, the idea that feminism is about “equality for all genders” has become increasingly fashionable.
The assembly presented by the students of XII-D on 30 March 2017, focused on the aspect how radical feminism is the need of the hour. The assembly started with the general protocol of prayer, thought for the day and the news article. The students presented a hilarious skit that represented how women use feminism as a tool to show their superiority. Following the skit, there was a narration of an open letter about what makes one a feminist and to what extent it is justified.
The assembly ended with the message that freedom of thought is the ultimate form of liberation. Feminism is not about making women stronger as women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.

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