Delhi Public School Surat

Under the aegis of DPS Society New Delhi. (CBSE Affiln. No.430056)

These days it’s hard to imagine the 'unthinkable', of life without the Internet, yet there are many who have grown up without the reliance and dependence upon it. How would today’s society fare without the Internet, if it suddenly collapsed or 'went off-line'?
The students of class XII B presented the morning assembly on 16 March 2017 pondering over how their life would be affected if Internet wouldn’t be around.
A talk show by them brought to light the pros and cons of students using Internet. Where they agreed at a point that it is a source of information on almost all the topics that are present on the face of the Earth at the same time they cautioned every one regarding the authenticity of the matter and appealed for its judicious use as it may cause distraction. Students were also updated with the various career options available in the field like Data Scientist, Mobile Application Developer and being a blogger.
The assembly was appreciated and applauded for its thought-provoking theme.

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