Delhi Public School Surat

Under the aegis of DPS Society New Delhi. (CBSE Affiln. No.430056)

At DPS Surat, we believe in developing the aesthetic consciousness of children from a very early age, as this quality lies at the root of all civilized human endeavour. The development of tolerance for different forms of artistic expression is as important today as the ability to appreciate and create art itself. We foster all these qualities in our students as they learn the following forms of artistic self expression at different stages of their schooling here:
1. Colour charts:
Children are made aware of different categories of colours and how to mix them to arrive at fresh hues.
2. Pencil Shading:
Children learn different techniques of shading, like stippling, line work, gradation, etc.
3. Textile and Block Printing:
The craft of repeating a design on fabric or other material and colouring it attractively.
4. Calligraphy and enlarging:
Writing in blocks and other styles, and enlarging a given object by scale.
5. Compositions:
Combining different animate and inanimate elements of nature and colouring them by various techniques, using various mediums.
6. Poster Making:
Representing any topical subject precisely by combining lettering and graphical representation.
7. Impression Painting:
Using textures of objects from nature to create ones own composition.
8. Perspective Drawing :
Creating a three dimensional illusion on a two dimensional surface.
9. Knife Painting :
Applying thick paint directly from the bottle with the help of a knife to create an effect of oil painting.
10. Collage :
Combining various materials and textures by pasting them on a base sheet.
11. Glass painting:
Painting on the surface of glass, using opaque and transparent colours.
12. Portraits:
Capturing the likeness of a human model, both frontal and in profile.